Who is he?

Kas jis toks?

Mostly a back-end web server developer with some front-end knowledge, who likes to solve unsolvable problems to make a world a better place but not usually works on simpler or other things.

In last 5 years he worked mostly as back-end developer with PHP, MySQL, Memcache and a bit of JavasScript. Also, I have experience with NodeJS, Ruby, Unity3D, MongoDB, SQLite, Linux based servers administration, mobile apps development.

As for my non paid work he spent a lot of time with open sources projects like ImpressCMS and many smaller those you can find on my GitHub account. Also I worked as manager for, dealing with issues and wishes of the volunteers team and dealing with review copies, news and other related stuff.

Labiau back-end'inis interneto puslapių programuotojas, bet šiek tiek turintis supratimo ir su front-end'u, kuriam patinka spręsti įvairias neišsprendžiamas problemas, kad tik pasaulis taptų geresne vieta gyventi. Žinoma, dažniausiai iš to taip gerai, kaip jis norėtų nesigauna, bet visvien vis bando ir bando...